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Testimonials | Newborn Photographer Darwin

Beautiful words from the heart.

I really do have the best job in the world xx

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Accredited Professional Photographer, AIPP | Susan Fong


“I didn’t really think about taking any professional shots of myself or my baby until my sister in law suggested I do as I hadn’t done it with my first child. My brother suggested Little Cherub Photography as he knew one of the family members. I immediately went onto the website and fell in love with what I saw. Initially my shoot was to be around my 33 week gestation mark however this was rescheduled to when I was 37 weeks. During this time I felt bloated and quite large however Susan made me feel radiant, beautiful and relaxed. She was so warm and welcoming that I was able to let go of my inhibitions. Susan made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in front of her camera and never once did I feel shy around her. It is a true testament to how professional and patient Susan is with newborns as mine was very unsettled for the first hour of her photo shoot. I became quite tensed and embarrassed however Susan was not at all fussed and advised that she was happy to wait until Alexa was ready. She even assisted in helping settle Alexa down. Once Alexa had fallen asleep it was just magic with what happened next. The way Susan handled Alexa was so soft and tender it was so exciting to watch. The shots Susan created of Alexa was just pure bliss and uber cuteness! With the last shot being an after shot of myself holding Alexa, my baby had had enough for the day. Susan suggested coming back again for a ‘mini’ shoot which I thought was very nice of her to do. Unfortunately Alexa was even more unsettled for this shoot however again Susan made me feel calm and relaxed and was happy to wait until we were both ready.

I highly recommend Little Cherub Photography to all mothers and new mothers wanting to take some professional shots of their themselves and/or their new born. I was very fortunate to be taken in Susan’s new studio which was simply a mini display home! The natural lighting and neutral colors made the photo shoot even more amazing. As I have mentioned over and over again, Susan was so patient and understanding, being a mother herself with another along the way. She understands what mothers want and therefore ensures she captures the best shots she can. I am so grateful that I decided to take professional shots of myself and newborn. I am very much looking forward the final prints!

Thank you for everything Susan”


“Dear Susan,

I have been reading all the wonderful testimonials you have been receiving lately and realised I did not give you one myself from 20 months ago when you came to shoot my very own little cherub, Kaliopi.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the truly amazing and unparalleled photographs you took of Kaliopi.

I remember the day very clearly – Kaliopi was about 14 days old and just about out of the deep newborn sleepy stage, and natural reflexes that allow them to do the beautifully crafted poses you do so well. She also pee’d and pooped over nearly every prop that was used, and we also had to stop & start as Kaliopi found it very thirsty work. During that time you were nothing but thoughtful, patient and kind to a very nervous and sleep deprived mummy, and that alone is where I think you differ from others in your field.

When I received the finished photographs I was pleased beyond words (hand delivered too might I add!). You captured her just as we saw her; precious, fragile and beautiful.

The amount of compliments I have received, and still receive to this very day of Kaliopi’s pictures are a true testament to your skills and creativity. I still get asked every time how you were able to get her to pose like this and, the only thing I can say is it was one of those things that just worked first go, it can never be copied and it will certainly be the best photograph that has ever been taken of her, and that is really your work summed up.

Your hard work and natural talent speaks volumes in the amazing masterpieces you have created not just of my beautiful little baby, but every baby you photograph.

Thank you beyond words Susan”.


 Photographers Darwin


“Dearest Susan,

Not only words can describe my thoughts on how AMAZING you were throughout my journey with Little Cherub Photography.

Firstly, Every 4 weeks throughout my pregnancy seeing you capture my stomach in your Tummy Timeline package was such a creative idea. I loved how you supplied the clothing, as I couldn’t imagine squeezing into a item of clothing once full term. I loved wearing the same white gown, same jewelry and doing my hair and makeup the same every month.

The creative poses you position me in were comfortable, the style of poses showed off my perfect belly, and the photo shoot was always fun. I loved knowing that the last photo shoot would be with my daughter draped in my arms.

The tummy timeline is a fantastic package for all expecting mothers.

I honestly wasn’t going to get a photo shoot of my daughter once born – as my mother is a photographer (and honestly who would pay someone else if your mum can do them and for free) BUT I have always loved your work with newborns and wanted the same style of my daughter.

At 13 days new you photographed my precious daughter Anastasia. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if she would co-operate and I was quite nervous.

Susan, you entered my home with suitcases full of all your outfits, accessories, props and you set up your portable studio in my lounge room in the perfect area for natural lighting, which I love the way you work with natural lighting.

I must express how amazed I was with the way you handle and hold newborns. You were so gentle and loving- holding her like your own daughter. Being so cautious when positioning her in the position you wanted her in. Anastasia was sleeping, and remained asleep- so I believe this proves you were not rough with her as I’m sure she would of woken.

I got to sit back and let you do what you do best, as I wasn’t worried at all. Sitting back and watching the photo shoot brought tears- I could see my precious daughter look even more precious- especially when your tiara came out.


1 week later I received the digital files from you, and they brought tears to my eyes and shivers down my spine. The images are all sensational…I literally don’t have enough words to describe how much my husband and I LOVE them.

The quality is another thing that amazes me. Coming from a photography background I truly know the quality importance and can always tell the difference when looking at photographers work… Yours was above my expectations. High Resolution, sharp, not over edited and just 1000% perfection.


The images you have left my family with will be forever treasured, displayed loud and proud on many walls, adored for a lifetime, and I will always look at them and SMILE ?


Thank you for being the true passionate photographer that you are Susan”.



“Dear Susan,

First and foremost you are an angel.
You were so gentle and calming for my girls, even though they decided to… mark their territory, so to speak.
The photographs of my twins are spectacular, very Anne Geddes, ONLY BETTER!
You were so patient, so soothing, my mother actually fell asleep during the photo shoot!
I recommend you to everyone, and I look forward to having the twins and their big sister have some more photos taken.

Many thanks,

with love and friendship, Clayre”



“Hi Susan,

Firstly let me just say Thank You!

After collecting my USB this afternoon I could not wait to get home and view my images.

Your work is undeniably amazing and you have given my boys the most precious keepsake of all.

After a conversation with my mum who attended the photography session, she commented that you couldn’t have chosen a profession that suited your personality perfectly – I totally agree.

Your ability to be mould these cherubs in their poses and be so gentle in doing so, defiantly gives me the piece of mind that my cherub’s are in great hands.

Thank you Susan for being amazing at what you do, I cant wait to add more to my gallery in the near future.

Very happy clients,
Jamie and Wade



Time and time again I have witnessed the memories you have created for so many people by capturing their gorgeous babies. I feel so fortunate that we have been able to be a part of that special privilege. We all fell in love with you and your calming energy 3 years ago when you captured Javier as a newborn, at 8 months, now 3 years later he has gazed down the barrel of your lens for you to once more leave us in awe.
I was so excited to be able to introduce Kairi, my niece to you, for you to be able to record how delicate and perfect she is, and without fail you have showcased just how amazing you are. You have grown and developed so much and your work speaks for itself. It is such a pleasure to return each time and can’t wait for our future sessions



“I love my little cherub photos. thank you so much for capturing those moments and making it happen so soon after heidi was born. I can certainly see the importance of getting this booked in pre birth for the photoshoot withing the first few days. I cant believe she is now nearly 5 weeks old and looks so different already. Its gone so fast and im constantly comparing her now to the photos you did. My only challenge now is picking which ones to get blown up for the nursery wall! xx”



“Dear Susan,

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while however I’ve found that it was difficult to express my gratitude in words, as words can’t describe how much I appreciate all you have done, and continue to do, for us.

The shock and grief which consumed us following the birth of our adorable little cherub Josie almost resulted in us cancelling our newborn photo session. We are not only thankful that we kept our appointment, but that you were so gracious and gentle and you didn’t treat us or Josie any differently to any of your other little cherubs.

The moments you captured of Josie at 9 days new are not only a treasure, but they also helped us to introduce our little girl to the world.

Of all the photographers out there, your images truly showcase the inner beauty and pure innocence of youth, not to mention their individual personalities and absolute cuteness!

…..and we can’t wait to meet your little cherub

Lara, Josh, Tynan & Josie xo



“Thank you so much for taking the precious first pics of our little boy. You make the whole process easy and stress free – the hardest part is deciding what theme to go with! That is true testament to your talent – from black and white to colour. Our little cherub was in safe hands with you and at no time did we feel uncomfortable with the process.

You are truly talented and have such an eye and attention to detail. We could not be happier with the pics you have taken for maternity and newborn.

I can’t recommend you enough to anyone who is looking for a talented, experienced and professional photgrapher. I have seen alot of professional baby pics and I would have to say that you are a stand out.

Thank you for capturing this precious time for us and we wish you every success.”



“I just received my pics today and wanted to let you know how beautifully they turned out!!!

Thank you soo much Little Cherub Photography for capturing this memorable experience (Tummy Timeline) in the most beautiful way possible!!!

Each photo shoot was always soo much fun and I always felt soo comfortable and the whole shoot was conducted in a very professional manner…and this definitely shows in the quality of my pictures!!

I can not thank you enough and won’t be able to speak of you more highly.

Thanks soo much Susan! You’ve given us the best first memories of our new little family”.



“We loved our experience and results with Little Cherub Photography. Susan is a dedicated professional, but above that she is genuine and you can trust that her passion for capturing the innocence of babies shines through in her work. Thank you for your excellent photos of our precious first born we are able to cherish for a lifetime!”



“I recently had the pleasure of choosing Susan Fong from Little Cherub Photography to capture two of the most precious times in my life, my pregnancy and my beautiful baby girl Milah. At 37 weeks pregnant and feeling very “over it” Susan turned up to my house and made me feel radiant, and showed me just how stunning women are when expecting. She also made it very easy for my partner to be in front of the camera. I can not begin to explain just how happy we were with the results. The second shoot was an even more amazing experience, we did some pretty tricky poses of my 2 week old and not once did I have any apprehension, my little cherub was in safe hands.Susan has an amazing imagination when it comes to capturing the beauty in your child. I could go on with praise for this wonderful photographer but my recommendation would be to call and make an booking ASAP!! You will not be dissapointed.I will treasure my photographs forever and look forward to giving them to my daughter when she is expecting!!”



“My wife and I live in Queensland but chose to get married in Darwin. As we didn’t know anyone there, we had to do a lot of research online. What attracted us to Susan Fong at Little Cherub was her artistic photographs. We didn’t want just a standard set of wedding photos with everyone smiling stiffly into the camera. We chose Susan because her photos were beautiful, had real artistic flair and she clearly knew some great locations. We met Susan two months before the wedding and told her what we wanted. She was a delight to work with and she designed a package to suit us.

On our wedding day, Susan was extremely friendly but professional. She made our entire wedding party very relaxed and as a consequence, we have some stunning photos. Post wedding, Susan was in regular contact. We chose the photos from her proofs which was very hard as there were so many great shots to choose from. She then worked with us on the album design which we are very happy with. The album is currently being printed and we look forward to receiving it very shortly. I strongly recommend Susan for your wedding.”



“Our love for Little Cherub began when Javier was only 11 days old and has continued to grow with every shoot!! All thanks to Javier’s Ya Ya who first saw some beautiful canvases on the wall at “Picture This”, months before he was born and booked him in straight away.

Over and over you capture my boy in all his personas, creating the most amazing keepsakes of these beautiful times in his life…always making it so hard to “choose masterpieces” from your collections.

You are so incredibly genuine and loveable to interact with which enriches each experience. “Little Cherub” have become such a special part of our lives (especially Javier’s ) which is why we continue to come back time and time again and I do recommend to anyone who sees our pictures or needs QUALITY, affordable, professional… yet personal memories.

We look so forward to seeing you as my precious baby turns into the cheeky young man we know he’ll be!!”



“Our beautiful daughter captured by Susan at 2 1/2 weeks old, hang very proudly in our dining room. The house wouldn’t be the same without them!”



“After the tough beginning to Kobe’s life, it was extremely important to me to have some photos taken of his incredible progress and you made it a very enjoyable and memorable experience, your photos truly showed how absolutely perfect he is and how much he has grown. I had wanted some nice photos of my two boys (son and father) together as well, outlining the amazing bond they have had since birth and the pictures we have ended up with are exactly how I had wished for them to be and you did all of this for me and my family in a professional yet affordable way. I’m very impressed and pleased with the photos you have done for me and would recommend you to many people, I can’t wait to hang them up in my home, to admire daily.Thank you very much Susan… xo”



“We first heard of Little Cherub Photography from our friend who had used her previously to take snaps of their infant daughter. She said the experience was delightful and the pictures taken were the best she’d ever seen. She mentioned that Susan the photographer was sooo nice… and easy to get along with and that she would even come to you to organise a sitting promptly. We also had a six month old son at the time and were looking to have some Professional shots taken of our family, so we gave her a call and had Susan take our pics.

We found that our friend was absolutely spot-on about Little Cherub Photography, as we had a fantastic time whilst having our photos done. The photos turned out absolutely amazing and the packages were reasonably priced.

Shortly after my partner and I were to celebrate our Wedding in September of 2010. We knew straight away which Professional photographer we would like to take our photos and went ahead and asked Susan if she would be our photographer. She said “I do!” Susan was such a professional, she even organised a second photographer, Mel Silva from Silva Wedding Photography to help her capture our Wedding Day. Their organisation was exceptional as Susan arranged several meetings with us at the locations we wanted the shots to be taken. She also prepared us on what to expect on the day and gave several suggestions on how we could make the day run smoothly and make sure we capture all the shots we wanted.

To no surprise both Susan and Mel made us feel so comfortable on the day and the ideas and the direction they gave us made for another pleasant experience. To be honest, the day was just perfect thanks to their support and superb organisation. We were so excited to see our pics of the most special day in our lives as Susan together with Mel truly captured every spontaneous, intimate and special moment we had.

We have used Little Cherub Photography twice now and couldn’t be happier with the choice of using this business. We recommend Little Cherubs to all people we meet and there is no doubt we will have more Professional photos taken from Susan as she is truly the best.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Susan, you’re an absolute STAR!!”

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Susan Fong of Little Cherub Photography is passionate about capturing the beauty of your growing belly, to the sweet innocence of your newborn, to the charming delight of your gorgeous baby. Susan will not only create heart warming photographs with her unique angelic style of photography but precious quality keepsakes for you to look back on and treasure for years to come!

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01:06 26 Apr 24
Susan is very professional & welcoming . We took our 3 children to her studio & she was very professional with them we had a lovely time there and loved the outcome of the photos . I’d recommend Susan to anyone who is looking to get family photos done .
Rebecca McGrathRebecca McGrath
04:32 17 Apr 24
I highly recommend Little Cherub Photography to capture your precious family memories. Susan was very thoughtful, caring and patient when photographing my baby, and produced the most gorgeous photos. The studio is beautiful and has everything you could possibly need for the perfect family photo. Thank you Susan.
Samantha DickinsonSamantha Dickinson
05:38 15 Apr 24
We were excited to be returning to Susan for our second child newborn images. Susan is amazing at what she does and we are so happy with the beautiful photos she has taken for our family. Highly recommend!
Daniel DickinsonDaniel Dickinson
05:29 15 Apr 24
Thank you Susan for our amazing newborn and family photos. We've been to Susan twice now and have been very happy with her service and images. Not only is Susan incredible with newborns but she was great with our very active and energetic toddler.
02:20 15 Apr 24
Excellent service and beautiful photos. Susan was brilliant throughout our photography session, keeping our baby calm and comfortable with her natural ease and wonderful techniques. Her expertise meant we were able to thoroughly enjoy our session, making it a memorable experience. We are so thrilled with the beautiful photographs. Susan helped us to pick the best photos and combinations of photos. Susan's skill and experience allowed her to capture us in beautiful natural poses, giving us memories we will cherish forever. Thank you.
Absolutely thrilled with the family photos and those heart-melting baby smiles captured by Susan ! Each image radiates warmth and joy, perfectly encapsulating our family’s happiness. Highly recommend her talent for capturing precious moments!” Thank you Susan 🥰🥰Madu and Sam
Amy WestonAmy Weston
04:04 11 Apr 24
The moment you enter Susan’s studio, you will feel welcomed and relaxed.Our newborn photo shoot was an amazing experience. Susan works her magic and captures every incredible photo possible in a realistic timeframe. We didn’t feel rushed or pressured and were included in the whole journey of the shoot. She made sure we were comfortable at all times and bubs was well settled throughout. Her setups and props were exactly what we were after and she has something for every taste.Would definitely return for another photo shoot and recommend her to anyone looking at capturing those special newborn moments!
Dean EdwardsDean Edwards
13:53 04 Apr 24
Susan was amazing! She is very talented photographer with great skills working with newborns. I love how easy going and professional she is. When it came to our toddler, she was very patient and inclusive. I couldn’t recommend Little Cherub Photography enough!
23:21 03 Apr 24
Susan's baby handling skills are amazing. I knew it instinctively. She is very experienced, and the whole process has gone well without stress. Whenever we're shy front of camera, she was calm and gave me courage.The result of the shoot is amazingly beautiful, the atmosphere and the colours. I wanted to stay in her camera angle if possible and get out of reality very slowly. The reality is a little darker than I thought due to sweat and bugs under my eyes, but it was a great chosee to leave a creamy and soft and most beutiful moment with Susan.We all deserve this time.Knock on her door, she will invite you to the world she only has.
Ash FlanaganAsh Flanagan
10:32 28 Mar 24
Our experience with Susan from Little Cherub Photography for our newborn and family photoshoot was absolutely magical! From the moment we stepped into her studio, we felt welcomed and at ease.Susan has a remarkable talent for working with newborns, children and families. Susan was incredibly patient and gentle with our little one, capturing those precious early moments with such care and precision. The resulting photographs are nothing short of breathtaking – each one a beautiful keepsake that we will treasure for years to come.Throughout the entire process, from scheduling to the final delivery of the photos, Susan was professional, communicative, and accommodating.Thank you, Susan, for your incredible talent and dedication to your craft!
Jesse VoyerJesse Voyer
13:05 27 Mar 24
Susan has been amazing, we have a very busy work schedule and she has been nothing but flexible with accomodating our needs. Her photography skills are second to none and she is extremely efficient in different styles and poses.We will be comming back again
Gabriela VoyerGabriela Voyer
03:56 26 Mar 24
Amazing experience! We cannot recommend Susan highly enough - she was extremely professional, patient and caring with our baby girl. Her studio is really well designed and she holds a great variety of props. We were very happy with her work and dedication. Definitely looking forward to our next photo session!
Anamaria BarretoAnamaria Barreto
23:09 21 Mar 24
Susan gave us such a welcoming experience. She captured such beautiful, professional and high quality photos of our newborn and family. She was so patient. Especially with my toddler, which she made her feel included in the newborn photoshoot. You don’t ever feel rushed and she takes the time to make suggestions to help with decisions to make sure you have the best possible outcome and won’t make you feel like you’re limited. I highly recommend booking with Little Cherub Photography.
jessica mccluskeyjessica mccluskey
10:52 15 Mar 24
Susan did an amazing job capturing memories of our little boy. They grow so quickly and even in the short time it’s taken to receive our images he has changed so much. We will cherish these memories for a life time, thanks Susan.
Kadir SungkarKadir Sungkar
07:46 15 Mar 24
Susan and the little cherub newborn photography experience was fantastic. Susan was extremely helpful and flexible in tailoring the experience to what you would like. She is extremely kind, professional and patient with our son and us.
Heather HickeyHeather Hickey
04:21 15 Mar 24
Susan created a great experience and even better photos, would highly recommend to anyone.
Dara ReidDara Reid
05:16 14 Mar 24
Takes great care with your newborn. Very easy to work with and the photos are next level. Can highly recommend.
Would highly recommend. The photos turned out amazing!
Amy SilkstoneAmy Silkstone
08:03 12 Mar 24
Susan was fantastic. She was excellent at settling our little guy to get the most out of our newborn session. The photos turned out better than we ever thought possible. We would definitely recommend her for photos, especially newborn ones.
Efrosini SkyllasEfrosini Skyllas
03:31 11 Mar 24
Susan was amazing with my baby and the photos turned out incredible! Highly recommended her.
Vanessa GyetseVanessa Gyetse
08:27 10 Mar 24
We had our photoshoot of our first child with Susan on the 7th of March. Susan has a lovely studio and great collection of props. We were sleep deprived and overwhelmed, but Susan made the process very easy. She picked out some great props and the photos came out amazingly!! Thank you Susan, we will have to bring him back when hes older 😊
Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner
07:02 10 Mar 24
Very professional and skilled with handling newborns and able to take great photos, highly recommended
Katrina OKatrina O
12:05 09 Mar 24
We are delighted with our family photos! Susan was great to work with, calm and professional, which helped a lot considering our young and energetic children. The quality of the photos and turnover time in receiving them was excellent.This is the second time we've had a photo session with Susan (2021 and 2024) and the photos turned out brilliantly! So lovely to have similar shots from our original shoot as a family of 4 to now as a family of 5.Thank you Susan!
Dario CodinaDario Codina
06:31 09 Mar 24
We heard about Susan through the Darwin Private Hospital. We wanted our twins photographed with the entire family as their first photoshoot. Susan was very well prepared and gave us lots of tips leading up to the time of the appointment so that the photoshoot ran smoothly. Susan was able to settle the twins in a way that was mesmerising and the photos turned out beautiful. The studio was setup perfectly. We were extremely happy with the service and timeframe from the start to the end. I would highly recommend Susan.
Stanley LeeStanley Lee
01:03 07 Mar 24
Absolutely delighted with the experience and results from Little Cherub Photography!From the very start, Susan showed professionalism and passion for her work, with her attention to detail and creative eye. The patience and care she exhibited throughout the session as well as guidance with photo selections at the end were amazing. The studio setup created a warm and welcoming environment for us and our baby, resulting in natural, heartwarming shots that we'll cherish forever.We're absolutely in love with the beautiful photos that perfectly capture our baby's personality. Highly recommend Little Cherub Photography for anyone looking to capture the precious moments of their little one's journey!
Jingwen LiJingwen Li
00:42 07 Mar 24
Booked for a newborn photo shoot for my baby, however, baby came almost two weeks early than scheduled. Luckily, Susan messaged and checked on me around my original due date and we rescheduled the session to her earliest availability so it’s not too late to capture her new born moments. We were able to access her huge collection of props. During the session, we changed 6-8 different setups, Susan was so gentle, baby didn’t fuss throughout. Had to narrow down our picks from almost 70 photos, but with Susan’s help, it wasn’t too hard. Will definitely recommend little Cherub to people, best baby photography service in Darwin.
Jessica SteijnJessica Steijn
12:58 29 Feb 24
I am not a big fan of being the centre of attention yet susan made me feel comfortable right away and was amazing with giving me direction. I did a maternity and newborn shoot. I cannot be more positive about the expierence during the shoot and how she handled our baby girl.Only downside it that all her photos are amazing so you'll end up buying heaps haha
Kristy MacafeeKristy Macafee
06:56 28 Feb 24
If I could give 10 stars I would!Susan has been amazing from start to finish.Her kind and calm manner with my 2 week old was beautiful to watch. And her patience and understanding with my VERY busy 2 year old, who was not cooperative, put both myself and partner at ease, and somehow she got some beautiful photos of her.Professional and talented I would highly recommend you put your trust in Susan with your newborn photos, you will not be disappointed.
Shai TurnerShai Turner
07:48 22 Feb 24
Highly recommend Susan! Our little girl was fussy when we arrived, but Susan managed to keep her calm and settled for her newborn shoot and we got gorgeous photos. Loved the experience, thank you again!!
Shenique NaudeShenique Naude
00:36 22 Feb 24
Susan is so amazing, professional in every sense of the word. I was nervous to attend the shoot with my bub as I didn’t know how she would go and if she was going to cooperate, but Susan was great and knew exactly how to handle her and settle her for the best photos. I was able to sit and relax, which is rare for new mums haha, overall a very positive experience. Couldn’t recommend her enough!
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